Meshes of the All-Nighter – My New Horror Short Creation

In the last few days, I hadn’t been posting new articles or previous flashbacks from blogger because I’ve been busy making a short film of my own – half for competition usage, half for my own enjoyment. In the vein of a certain short film that explored a similar trend (and way better than I did) in similarly silent manner, I named the film in homage to one of my favorites: “Meshes of the Afternoon”. The short was conceived at the last minute when, as expected, certain elements I needed for a separate horror short idea had fallen through and then shot 7/8 of it late at night in my campus’ main library on one day, shot the final eighth in the second day in early evening and then spent the entirety of the second night editing it and choosing public domain ambient sound for usage….

One thing about me as a filmmaker is, if I enter a shoot for a movie, I leave the shoot with a movie. Sometimes it is not the same movie I intended to make, but hey, somehow Anhedonia turned into Annie Hall for Woody Allen and he may be angry with making something different, but I’m not.

I’m extremely proud to have something to call my own every time I make it. And I’m especially happy when it comes up majorly how I envisioned it. Which is the case with ‘Meshes of the All-Nighter’, a horror short in room tone lights, utter silence and with an ending that is hoped to be infuriating (I can’t help but not take things too seriously) sometimes. I hope you enjoy it.

One final note: The competition that incited the idea of making this required the video to be 30 seconds long maximum… so, my ‘Daydream’ edit can accessed at for viewing…
It relies more heavily on the audio to unnerve the viewer (I integrated cacophonous segments of one of my own songs , appropriately titled ‘Nightmare Cinema (You’re Not Helping)’) and thus, if done right (I hope), keeping the original dream like paranoia effect of my preferred cut while still being somewhat diluted.

Thanks for viewing and keep the reel rolling!

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