FLASHBACK: The Trial of Quentin Tarantino, Spike Lee Presiding, in charge of Django

I got into an argument on Facebook about a film, this one about the previously reviewed Django Unchained. A guy who I acted and worked for in a short film named Daniel Pida had voiced his dislike for Spike Lee, and, given the recent release of the film, I assumed the starter pistol was Lee’s criticism of Tarantino’s films – of which I actually do find merit in, possibly the only piece of publicity-seeking Lee I find actual merit in.
So, I decided to give out a rebuttal and the resulting argument, I actually found interesting to post on this…
I don’t think I’ll be making a huge habit out of posting facebook conversations frequently, but it’ll happen now and then from time to time…
Anyway, here’s hoping one enjoys. I repeat some things I already stated in my review and what not, but I’m sure there’s something to be found in this conversation of enlightening value…
When the short film I had cameo-ed shortly in by Daniel, Last Soliloquoy, is posted on YouTube (if he decides to do so), I’ll be sure to post it here just to showcase what Mr. Pida is capable of…
Sheckin’ it out now… (funk soul rubber)




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