So a tragic occurrence!

I am almost done with Season 2 of Orange Is the New Black – the only Netflix original series so far to actually keep me coming for more and more (Maybe I’m just too attached to Ian Richardson, but House of Cards‘ lead performance from Kevin Spacey is the only thing that compelled me) – I’m on Episode 10 and suddenly…

The account on Netflix I’m mooching on ends up being put on hold for payment.


Still Hit Me With Your Best Shot at the Film Experience demands I select a shot that defines the season for me and I will have to go with what I have seen so far…

Very well…


From the episode 40 Oz. of Furlough, this selection has less to do with composition of the shot as it does with metaphors layered within the content of the shot. We’ve got many different facets of the show embedded in this shot.

  • We have the ensemble cast with the numerous amount of characters inhabiting this shot.
  • We have the sense of community among them in a very enclosed and sort of sketch surrounding… four dirty walls keeping them away from the rest of humanity with a big smile on their face.
  • We have the very structured hierarchy portrayed within the prison via Captain Janeway, er, I mean Red standing at the head of the table, leading the toast.

At the same time, we take the bad with this…

  • You can’t really see it out of context but at the opposite end of Red is a character who refuses to toast, portraying one of several feuds that occur within the show.
  • Speaking of feuds, these characters are all white. There are no black or Hispanic characters in this scene, despite these three races making up a good amount of the cast of the show. There is a very heavy race separatism in the characters, which proves problematic.

Anyway… I’m hoping I can find a way to finish the season but GODDAMMITI’M CRANKY GIVE ME MAH ORAANGE!!!!RAAAAAAAAA!!!!

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