31 Nights of Halloween – 13 – 13 Faces of Death – Gallery of Creepiest Gazes I’ve Seen in Film

Horror, which over the years of history has turned from a legitimate source of entertainment into a cheap thrill in the public eye, is a genre I love. In terms of film, I love it for two distinct reasons separating any experience I get from a horror movie – If it’s not a good movie, I get honestly a great sense of cynicism tearing it apart from how it does not work, looking inside and figuring out how it represents the horror culture in the end to what always looks like its final grave. But then, when you find a real diamond in the rough, a real gem, something legitimately scary. Then you’re going to get somewhere with finding out how it makes your hair stand, your skin crawl, then you’re going to watch reactions after finding out and discover to your joy… the trick still works.

For the next 31 days, I will be giving a day by day review of select horror films in all of the spectrum, from slasher to “Gates of Hell”, from Poe to Barker, from Whale to West, from 1919 to 2014…

This is the 31 Nights of Halloween. Well, now with this, I’ll be able to catch up to my quote (by goddamn, I haven’t even been allowed to start on my Gone Girl review), but two articles in the middle of the night completely roasted in my mind will not be coming out clean. Best to make this simple and I’ve become accustomed to the list format, but let’s not go there. How about a great gallery of visages?

The face is supposed to be the window to the soul. Or some shit like that. I think it’s supposed to be the eyes, but I don’t want to search up some other profound quote on the face right now. What is important is how much the face tells us what can truly lurk behind the eyes and mind of the being possessing it.

Like how much of a soul they actually don’t have. Like how monsters live within themselves, either knowing or not knowing just how disturbing their presence is among others.

So, I’ve decided to pick myself 13 shots of faces from horror movies that I find can probably do the most mental damage to someone unprepared for such moments and hope anyone can stomach enough to identify from which film each shot comes from…



carnival of souls_thumb[1]



don't look now[3]





Noonan Tooth Fairy



Pleasant dreams, if you dare…

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