Two of my friends made it to the finals of Campus MovieFest. Watch their Short Films (and then some other Short Films).

Yeah, ok, I know it’s weird to do this, but since this is my site, I’m not required to just do reviews. It’s my site, dammit! I wanna give my friends a hand I will give them a hand.

And my friends have just made it to their school’s Campus MovieFest finals. So, from my alma mater, I want to congratulate and give it up to Producer Andrea Camacho, Director/Writer/Editor Fernando Perez, and Company for their Jury Prize winner Last Call.

And to director/co-writer/producer Daniel Escolin, producer Tyler Tang, and Company for their own finalist short Ten Percent

And while I’m in that mood, I want to also note previous Campus MovieFest finalists and winners that were made by my friends for you guys to check out because SUPPORT INDEPENDENT ART, MAN!!!!

Last year, which I competed with two of my friends won Best Drama, Best Actress, and Best Production Design overall, so give a hand to Director/Writer/Producer/Cinematographer Gloria Tello’s short Best Drama and Best Actress winner Last Night – Gotta love that camera flow, it reminds me of Emmanuel Lubezki.

By the way, her end credits heavily inspired the opening credits of my own short submission to Cannes’s Short Film Corner this year Meshes of the All-Nighter (which can be seen here, I’m not embedding it in this post to stay on topic).

And Best Production Design asphyxiating thriller – Director Dallas Campbell’s To Be Clean (which my best friend and Meshes of the All-Nighter DP Dreylon Dupas-Vang was the cinematographer for).

It wasn’t Gloria’s first submission to Campus MovieFest as she also had a finalist in 2012 co-directing and co-writing with my ex-roommate Jim Pagano on a film I was absolutely appalled did not win Best Drama that year. It is one of the best short films I have seen by any of my classmates, Sam & Mia.

Before the next one, I would of course like to state that during my time at Arizona State, I also submitted my own films and none were finalists, but I was at least proud of one such film and it’s among my favorites (the rest are sort of amateured work)… So, I will give you a brief drink of my submission in my final year at ASU with the help of Dreylon Vang again, Malcolm Baity, and my former A Night at the Opera co-hosts Britt Rhuart and Norman West in Probation (at the admittance of poor sound editing by yours truly, rather than any ill practice from CMF, I would suggest you use headphones or earphones).

And finally, I saved this for last because it’s just… what. I didn’t really find a way to wrap my head around it. Really didn’t. But I did of course find it necessary to show at least because this particular movie won the Grand Prize at Campus MovieFest in 2011. So, giving one more hand up to the… wut… but apparently appealing and at least very humorous Pee-ception by Director Brandon Johnson and Writer/Editor Dallas Campbell.

I’m going to be honest, I was ecstatic to end this display of CMF works by my friends with a movie about peeing and Inception. I already decided on the movie being the show-stopper. Drink it in, man.

And remember their names. Hopefully they’ll make it big one day and I’ll be talking about their features.

And it won’t come off as nepotism…

‘Cause this is about integrity in short film journalism!


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