State of Affairs for Motorbreath 2015 (featuring my David Lynch song)

Howdy, gang!

Haven’t posted in a while, which I am sorry for. Some urgent personal stuff as well as other projects got in the way of holding onto Fixing a Hole 2014 and at this point, with how many movies I’d have to play catch up on, I believe it safe to say that Fixing a Hole 2014 is currently a bust.

Can’t win them all. However, I shall be doing at least two more reviews (one of them video – possibly a third article) that had been requested of me a while now so expect the final chapters of Fixing a Hole – The BabadookThe Interview self-interview, and (possibly) Lucy – within the coming month.

In the mean time, I will still be picking up the ball I dropped in the past summer and reviewing all the features I saw at Cannes Film Festival 2014 that I haven’t reviewed already. This will take over the coming year, but granted this means the following films
– Mr. Turner
– Winter Sleep
– Timbuktu
– Maps to the Stars
– Lost River
– Coming Home
– Two Days, One Night
– The Rover
– The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them
– Still the Water
– The Salvation
– The Homesman

Plus possibly a few movies I didn’t see at Cannes (I saw them in other venues) but which did screen there and would probably be great additions:
– God’s Not Dead
– Life Itself
– Force Majeure
– National Gallery
– The Tale of Princess Kaguya
– Cold in July
– Pride
– It Follows
– How to Train Your Dragon 2

In addition, now that 2015 is in, I gotta start kicking off that David Lynch overview series, so expect that by Thursday at the latest. In the meantime, I would also heavily recommend Joel Bocko at Lost in the Movies’s work on David Lynch. His love for Lynch largely outweighs mine to the point that I fear inadvertent overlap, but he’s goes to the full mile every time he talks about Lynch.

Also being brought in for the new year means at least an overview retrospective of the past year. There’s a few more films I want to catch before I post a Top 10, Favorite Scenes, Motors Nominations, etc. superlatives for my own film experience of 2014, but it should be done by the end of the month.

Finally, this month, I allowed for the consultation of friends, readers, and so on to let me know which movie director I should make a retrospective of. This was before I was aware of the return of Twin Peaks, which forced my hand to David Lynch. This problem is also stacked on by two factors: One such friend insisted I should make each film work a video review (which means this will be a monthly thing, possibly bi-monthly and making articles for the smaller works to tie in so I can contain this within 2015) and that the majority vote went to Tyler Perry. Meaning you all hate me.

But I’m a man of my word (which makes me an awful man) and I will do my best. So thank you all for kickstarting me and following me for the past year and a half that I moved to WordPress. In the meantime, I have one more thing to leave you all with…

… a song project I wrote and recorded for a college assignment in regards to my fandom of David Lynch and specifically for Twin Peaks). Figured it’d be a smooth enough thing to kick off.

Man, my life is going to suck.

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