Dat Star Wars Trailer Doe…




OK, real talk though nothing I will absolutely say that isn’t already known amongst my closest friends. Still I consider it a big enough deal that I probably should have already expressed my statement on the blog since I made the decision back during Comic-Con 2015. Though I’m sure there’s significant overlap between people I know and people who read this blog.

If you like the facebook page of Motorbreath (and please do… I promise it’ll clean up nice eventually), you may have seen this video within its content and the description of which I describe a sentiment I set myself on since back in ’14 when the purchase of LucasFilm by Disney was made, essentially terminating the existence of one of the great independent studios and putting salt in the wounds by fucking announcing they are making new Star Wars movies. The idea of not letting Lucas mess with Star Wars is ok by me, the idea of making more of them is really not if I’m being totally honest with myself.

And frankly, it might never be.

Any what that sentiment was, in clear unambiguous terms: I’m not watching Star Wars Episode VII.

As time has gone on and each decision has been announced that I either favored (the entire cast) or disfavored (J.J. Abrams, a director who does the brilliant feat of being sterile enough for me to not like him as an artist, yet have work that I favor for the most arbitrary of reasons – Super 8 because even bootleg Spielberg feels good for me, his Star Trek films because even just having the “Star Trek” names makes me fuzzy), I didn’t really budge very far along from my decision not to see it.

Until Comic-Con ’15 happened and maybe it’s because I was desperate to see something that didn’t disappoint me, but – after the Deadpool trailer proved every single fear I had about it as a movie (Fan Service made into a Ryan Reynolds vehicle – literally any actor could be better for the part than Reynolds, guys, I don’t care how many memes you want Deadpool to spout), Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s looked convoluted on The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s levels (and bruh… I’m excited for THAT movie), and Suicide Squad horrified me most by being the best trailer reveal for a movie that will undoubtedly be David Ayer awfulness (though Ash vs. Evil Dead saved face) – Star Wars: The Force Awakens didn’t give us a trailer, they gave us a behind-the-scenes featurette and… it actually did a great job of pumping me up further than the trailers which were already pretty well done.

That’s ignoring this latest masterpiece of a trailer which does all the things Jurassic World‘s trailers wanted to do but failed in. And the fact that I DID agree to set a goal of reviewing every number one box-office winner and as many Oscar nominees from here on forth – both of which Star Wars: The Force Awakens is almost certain to be (goals I honestly feel I should really only begin to take seriously next year, given my current schedule, but I still want to get as much ’15 releases done as I can) and the fact that as a blogger, not reviewing or dumping thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens could and will be the stupidest thing that will get be tarred and feathered and the proof is in the pudding.

This should be a very biggest display of how I’m full of shit some many times and my thoughts on this blog are not always binding.

I am going to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

I will not be too eager to see it honestly. It’s still a J.J. Abrams film and its existence is still a slap in my face and I can’t even pretend that this marketing suddenly turns me into a believer. I almost certainly will not be seeing it opening weekend, partly because I didn’t pre-order the tickets in my city (though I can think of two theaters that probably will not sell out that movie until late December, assuming they even sell out at all in advance) and largely because I want to see it in IMAX, the sole true IMAX close to me – not even in Miami – having sold out the whole weekend. But it is enough to get me in the seats and curious about how it will turn out.

Or, fuck curiosity, honestly, I was kidding myself by fooling myself into thinking I didn’t want to go see it. Even if I still have little reason to believe it will be a good movie (I mean, Oscar Isaac is the fucking man, but he was in Sucker Punch and Robin Hood). I don’t have to admit Friday the 13th is good (it’s not) to admit I watch the franchise still annually. The same certainly goes for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The worst that happens is that the movie is bad and really I would have called it. The best that happens – a hope I always have even when walking into a Michael Bay film, as nobody ever walks into a movie wanting to hate it – is that it’s actually a great damn film. Fingers crossed for the latter.

May the force be with you.

P.S. I know I already said that the cast for Episode VII looks jiminy crickets fantastic but that is nothing compared to the line-up they have for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. And with a director I at least enjoy (though I don’t think Gareth Edwards is as a great a filmmaker as he could be yet – Godzilla and Monsters both had big enough problems to trap them).

Ben Mendelsohn
Mads Mikkelson
Diego Luna
Forest Whitaker
Jiang Wen
Donnie Yen
Alan Tudyk
Riz Ahmed
Felicity Jones

Be still my heart.

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