Motorbreath Gives Thanks

Yeah, I know it’s technically not Thanksgiving anymore, but I was too busy to get this done before midnight and I have to express some pop culture things I have gratitude for. Especially in a year as dire and deadly as this has been for a lot of people, it’s worth reminding myself of some worthwhile things.

  • Let me start off with something pretty much not film but one of the few bright spots in recent events: Hamilton cast calling out Mike Pence on his shit in the most dignified manner a cast made up of minorities Pence looks down on could possibly address said figure… and Trump supporters STILL being fucking triggered.
  • Mark Frost’s The Secret History of Twin Peaks to keep my Twin Peaks jones satisfied.
  • Atlanta is fucking near-perfect as a show and is receiving its second season.

  • The Rock and Kevin Hart’s chemistry in Central Intelligence. The Rock is so fucking good he can make Kevin Hart good again.
  • Woody Allen finally got Vittorio Storaro to pick up a goddamn digital camera for Cafe Society and that’s why it’s almost certainly the most gorgeous movie of the year.
  • Somebody up there wants me to say Rihanna between Valerian, American Honey, Girlhood. It’s working.
  • I get to say Sofia Boutella – who plays Jaylah from Star Trek Beyond – is from my hometown in Algeria. Bab el Oued represent!
  • One of the rare times I will say nepotism. Duncan Jones is usually phenomenal, I don’t think I need to remind anyone. Warcraft may have been HIS fault among other faults, but he obviously had a pretty hard year and I trust a person as creative as him And of course, the other reason for the nepotism thanks – if you motherfuckers aren’t buying tickets for Laika, you better damn well be buying Nikes because I want more Kubos and Coralines, yo.
  • Speaking of animation maestros, Miyazaki Hayao is back baybe. And I hope somebody answers that phone because I. Fucking. Called. It. You don’t retire as a filmmaker until you’re fucking dead. You got that, Tarr Bela?
  • And speaking of Ghibli, Only Yesterday made it to America, y’all! You’re watching one of the best works of the studio by its best creative.
  • And speaking of animated works making a breakthrough return, Belladonna of Sadness, y’all!
  • And speaking of Ghibli again, The Red Turtle! Can’t wait!

  • Toho be back on making that Godzilla and Funimation is jam for bringing Godzilla: Resurgence to America. I wonder if Armando Iannucci saw it.
  • Julian Dennison’s reactions in Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Just the way he says “Ohhhhhh” when he realizes he done goofed is adorable enough to make me love that movie.
  • The soundtracks for Stranger Things and Sing Street even if the former is meh and the latter is fine. It’s like in everybody’s attempt to recreate the 80s musical aesthetic, they just avoided falling into the constantly common pitfalls of 80s pop culture in general.
  • That Whit Stillman knew to best reunite Kate Beckinsale and Chloe Sevigny for the hijinks of Love & Friendship while giving Beckinsale the best material she could possibly work with.
  • Finest Girl (Fuck bin Laden)” and pretty much every other song from Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. The Lonely Island so got it.

  • The kittens playing Keanu – especially when it gets to the calendar. I want that calendar.
  • Horror’s still on a strong run for the 2010s between The WitchThe Conjuring 2The ShallowsThe WailingTrain to Busan31, Lights Out. We good, y’all.
  • The two best characters of 2016 cinema are both birds – Steven Seagull from The Shallows and Piper from Piper.
  • Trevonte Rhodes. Oh my god, he was perfect in Moonlight. Definitely my favorite performance of the year so far and it’ll take something incredible to overturn that.

And most of all, I want to express my thanks for the supporters who support Motorbreath up on Patreon so far. It’s only three people so far, but that’s three more than I expected and I’m very glad to receive those three behind me.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for reading!

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