25 for 25


At the beginning of June, I’m going to be embarking on a project that’s so fucking stupid for me to go for after how much a trying and exhausting affair the 31 Days of Halloween in 2014 was for me. And in that case, I was only working rather than going back to school – now I find myself in the middle of work AND school. I’ve tried to offset this by backing up a couple of the reviews in advance but I don’t I nearly got enough of it done that it won’t be a pain in the ass to be a timely thing.

Anyway, holy shit, that is A LOT of bitching about what I’m about to do without explaining what I’m about to do which is this…

On the 25th of June, I am turning 25. What a milestone of an age (that I didn’t expect myself to reach for a lot of reasons I won’t get into), just by the mathematical sense in its perfect square factor and how neatly it cleaves the concept of living a century (which I’ll definitely now aim for). I’m about to become 25 and so that means I want to do something special for this site that took up an amount of this decade for me just ’cause. Given the perfect location of my birthday in the month correlating to the age I’m becoming and how long a movie buff I’ve been, I wanted to write about 25 movies that mean… a hell of a lot to me and essentially shaped out the sort of cinephile I was to become.

Excuse me if these posts becoming messy and erratic and even if they say nothing of value for this will be the point where I am more concerned with saying what these movies mean to me than what makes me think they’re the best ever (and be assured, a lot of these movies are not going to be the best ever – though I will go over some movies I think can fight for the title). I also beg your patience if I find myself so overwhelmed with life that some of these come behind schedule, but I kind of have an idea of the movies I will write about, some are already drafted, and I aim to finish right on the 25 June with a movie I think many regular readers can already guess, so I hope to not have that be a frequent problem.

That MIGHT not be all. I’m making no promises at this point, but given that I’ve been wanting to make Motorbreath partly video for a while and had to cut down on it, I’m aiming to have three minimalist videos – one for each week – in the month to come to get me back in the habit of giving y’all my face talking to your face about movies.

So, yeah… I don’t know if this looks more or less scary outside of my head, but this stresses me out. But that’s ok because with adversity comes the age of 25, right? At least, that’s what I think the saying goes, right?

(Also, I will take this moment to peddle my Patreon page and thank those who have supported Motorbreath in the past, whether through this page or just through page views. It’s nice having a place where I can dump all my thoughts, but having them occasionally read and seeing people respond to it makes it even better. I will probably be putting this link at the end of everything within this month and hope it doesn’t look as obnoxious as I think it does).

TL;DR – 25 Reviews of Movies Dear to Me each day up until 25 June; possibly three videos – one per week.

Keep the reel rolling.

Thank you for reading.

I’ll stick around.

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