The 2010s Lists – Master Post


Lists are fun, y’all. And for the most part, movies are fun. And the past 10 years happen to be the collection of a ten-year span in which I have watched the largest amount of movies I’ve ever seen in my life with an overwhelming change in magnitude, probably due to the turn of the decade corresponding with my graduation from high school and leaving for Film School. But even once I decided to dedicate my time to the more aggressively time-consuming life of a Biochemistry and Computer Science Graduate, the medium that had long fascinated me since my earlier baby memories still had its hooks in me so that I filled as much time as I could with watching whatever I got my hands on – socialness or professionalism be damned (though I’ve fortunately found satisfaction in both areas) – and I actually did feel better rounded of a filmgoer and aficionado as a result. On top of which, I felt rewarded with a variety of stuff that tried to game-change and explore and push the envelope on the potentials of the medium and its storytelling applications, especially compared to how I also spent the past 10 years re-exploring the cinema of the 1990s and 2000s that I previously lived through. It’s not just that I feel transformed as a lover of film over the past decade, I legitimately feel the decade’s cinema has been transformative in a variety of surprising ways.

So this whole mass of stuff I’ve watched and what to do with it? A simple Best of list wouldn’t do. Thanks to the free time that certain events have provided me that I don’t feel like making light of, I decided to painstakingly dedicate the good part of my last two months to listing the minutia of my experience with 2010s cinema as it was happening around me. And I do stress the subjectivity of its content because it is a document of how I personally lived through the decade in movies and I also stress the arbitrariness of its content because it is a document of my perspective NOW which could and probably will change before the month even ends. But I am nevertheless satisfied with the comprehensiveness of it all and impressed with the scale of it all that I had to jump the gun in collecting all the lists posted thus far and provide anticipation in the last few pieces which will be coming shortly…


Movies That I’ve Become Less Positive On Through the Decade
Movies That I Look Forward to Rewatching in the Future
Movies That I Have Grown More Positive On Through the Decade
Best and Worst Titles of the 2010s
Best and Worst Trailers of the 2010s
Best and Worst Posters of the 2010s
Best and Worst Lines of the 2010s
Best and Worst Cameos of the 2010s
Most Underrated Movies of the 2010s
Guiltiest Pleasures of the 2010s
Best Popcorn Movies of the 2010s
Biggest Disappointments of the 2010s
Best Surprises of the 2010s
Worst Scenes of the 2010s
Best Scenes of the 2010s

The 2010s Motors

Best Scores of the 2010s
Best Performances of the 2010s
Best Cinematography of the 2010s
Best Film Editing of the 2010s
The Remainder of the Superlatives

The Most Valuable Players of 2010s Cinema
The Worst Movies of the 2010s



Master List

My Favorite Theatrical Experiences of the 2010s

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