“You wouldn’t understand, cowboy. You’ve never seen an angel…”

Stagecoach is, to my mind, one of the best shot films in all of cinema (it’s also one of the best written films in all of cinema) and I resent that 3 screencaps and 1 gif used in my review of the film is not enough to illustrate that. So, if it would please y’all as much as it pleases me, I would like to dedicate this post as a brief gallery of some of my favorite shots I did not use in that review (though if you have not seen Stagecoach, I suggest you just experience them in motion and context… which comes with the bonus of seeing Stagecoach).

NOTE: Some of these screencaps come from Some Came Running, some from Hamlette’s Soliloquy, some from Row Three, and the rest come from me screencapping off a copy available off of YouTube. I regret that I could not screencap from the gorgeous 2013 Criterion blu-ray I have, but I insist it is the best way to watch the thing short of seeing it in a movie theater.

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