Evening in June

I don’t want to say it’s been a while since I’ve shot out a regular spurt of reviews, but January’s John Ford retrospective is far back enough to consider it a minute and I don’t think it’s for nothing that I was able to shoot back-to-back-to-back reviews each day because all 7 movies I brought up were five-star masterpieces in my eyes. And I do recall way back a few years back in June teasing out a revisit of several of my favorite movies that had not yet been reviewed in a vein somewhat similar to 25 for 25 but not as demanding…

… and that was June 2019, a year that probably saw my least activity on this site, and all I had to show in that month was Raiders of the Lost Ark.

No matter, I am feeling somewhat good about trying to swing into it in this upcoming month. Like I am ready to just slot a good amount of time just to gush about whatever favorite movies I wanted to write about for a minute here and just talk about five-star movies. And my birth month is such a terrible reminder of the fact that I exist that it was no surprise I set it 25 for 25 there or that I was wanted to shoot for it again this upcoming month.

So that’s how it is: this coming June, I am set and slated to write about a major amount of my favorite movies. A review for the ones I definitely feel I missed and a couple of mulligans even that I feel were long overdue since I wasn’t too satisfied or exhausted by the previous review. Below is, in roughly scheduled order which may change, the titles of the reviews to come. Feel free to take a guess at what movie they may be.

  1. Do you know anything about witches?*
  2. All Work and No Play Makes Jacques a Dull Boy
  3. Come, It Is Time to Keep Your Appointment with…
  4. La Vie Boheme
  5. Sic Transit Gloria
  6. Seeing Red
  7. Sometimes, We Just Need the Eggs.
  8. The Difference Between a Hawk and a Crop-duster
  9. The Front Page
  10. You Belong to the City
  11. Six-String Shooter
  12. Tale of Tales
  13. Everybody Has Their Reasons.
  14. Positively the Same Dame
  15. Every Leaf. Every Ray of Light.
  16. A Night at the Opera
  17. We’ll Always Have Paris
  18. La Pucelle de Lorraine*
  19. At the Fair
  20. A Day in the Life or Three
    *Asterisked are the mulligans

With the possibility of some others if I find the time, but these twenty are definitely coming. They’re coming next month. Be prepared.

And just to prime… previous reviews of my favorites that were covered:

See you at the movies.

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