Welcome back to the opera

Another episode of A Night at the Opera (Episode 8 in fact! If you missed anything before then, feel free to go on the anchor page to see all of the episodes available) and it’s a surprising blast as we Opera Boys go through our most pleasant pop culture surprises of the 2010s (something you can see a longer list of in the adjacent page) and some other stuff from there. In recognition of Norm MacDonald’s major contribution to comedy, we will of course include a content warning here for jokes about cancer and 9/11. Reminds me of those tragic things.

Also for your reference, the picture of Brian Robbins we were clowning on while talking shit about his promotion to head of Paramount is below:

And the top ten tracks of The Metallica Blacklist as per my statements on the episode are below:

  1. IDLES – “The God That Failed”
  2. YB – “Sad but True”
  3. Kamasi Washington – “My Friend of Misery”
  4. Moses Sumney – “The Unforgiven”
  5. Goodnight, Texas – “Of Wolf and Man”
  6. Diet Cig – “The Unforgiven”
  7. Igor Levit – “Nothing Else Matters”
  8. Aleissa Cara & The Warning – “Enter Sandman”
  9. TRESOR – “Nothing Else Matters”
  10. Tomi Owo – “Through the Never”

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