A Night at the Opera episodes

You may have noticed in my initial Declaration of Principles as far back as since this wordpress started in 2013 made mention of a college radio show A Night at the Opera that I shared with Dr. Britt Rhuart (then not yet a doctor) and Erickh “Norman West” Norman, which promptly ended after a two-year run as our collective undergraduate experiences were coming to an end.

6 years later and Britt, Erickh, and I decided for some strange reason we do like talking to each other about pop culture and so have decided to just use the magic of the internet to come back together in the form in irregular intervals. Obviously the first few episodes – off of a different host – had their own posts, but I wanted to have a specific page dedicated to the show and now it’s done. This page has been created fairly later but 7 episodes in is hardly too much to catch up on if you like to catch up (and personally I don’t think you need to, with the exception of the Final Countdown segments sort of being the connective tissue). Just jump in when you feel like it, we’re not that eloquent or esoteric.

And with that, I use my blog to present our new incarnation of A Night at the Opera, long may it last.

(The latest episode shall be presented on this page regularly, a new post will accompany an announcement of a new episode).