In Josh Martinez’s Honor


This is Josh Martinez, a Canadian rapper. Do not ask me about his tracks or about his albums or his music. I don’t know a damn thing. He’s just the first thing that appears when I google the extremely anonymous name of “Josh Martinez”.


Josh Martinez also happens to be the name of one of my friends in my disappointingly immortal life, who is NOT in fact the Canadian rapper whose pictures I’m using in this page. I have known him for almost a decade now. (As a fun fact: Josh and I had once joked about going to Canada and using his similar nomiker to live the easy life there before we had scoured the MySpace page of the rapper and found a picture embarrassing enough to forego any possible association with the guy). We’ve always been able to chill based on our love for hip hop, metal (namely speed and thrash), Outlaw Star and Godzilla.

I had heard (never truly confirmed) that at school it was rumored we were gay for each other. Then again, this would be the same classmates that made a pool over how quickly I’d die and how it would happen. Our high school was a piece of shit.

We’ve stuck together through extremely thick or thin and he’s been with me every time he could, through much of my hardest times, even when I’d be at my most ungrateful and difficult. And I tried as best as I could to reciprocate the favor, but I would never be able to match up to Josh. He’s too good of a man.

I am extremely gracious to call Josh one of my confidantes and absolutely lucky to call him one of my best friends.


“OK, Salim” says the random person who clicks into this page curiously, “why is this on Movie Motorbreath? This ain’t your personal blog.” Well, on the one hand, this IS my personal blog. I don’t dedicate any posts really to my personal life, but y’all know I’ve made me more than a few anecdotes in my reviews and posts even while discussing movies. However, Josh Martinez is also receiving this memorial page (God, that sounds like he just died) because one of the ways he has been present in my life has been helping me see movies with him. Namely, when he was working at a movie theater, Josh would be using his free ticket and concessions privileges to allow me into the theater and thus be the source of many of the reviews available in this very site you see before you. He still receives these privileges and we still accompany each other to the movies often to talk shit.

Josh Martinez is more than just an MVP of my life. He is an MVP for Movie Motorbreath and I dedicate this page for him, thanking the stars he has a very common name that allows me to use it without worrying about it ruining his marketability as a worker or something.


R.I.P. Josh Martinez 1992-20fuck I’m still pretending this is a memorial page, my bad.