So the new STAR WARS CAST has been announced…


The news that most of the world has been waiting on has finally arrived… the listing of the main cast for Episode VII of Star Wars, barring a second female lead that has not yet been confirmed. While I still have no intention of watching the movie, based on my Declaration of Principles, I still think the announcement is worth remarking upon…

There’s enough welcome for the return of the original cast, on the condition that the filmmakers understands that Luke, Leia and Han’s story is over and now we are focused on the new generation of heroes, which will probably be performed by John Boyega (of Attack the Block fame, a movie I’ve never seen – despite practicing drumming to its soundtrack – but will probably now want to see his chops) and Daisy Ridley, a near complete unknown who will be making her feature film debut with that. Very lucky gal with that career path.

Speaking of luck, on one hand, Mr. Kennedy sure showed Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver. Isaac easily took me by storm with Inside Llewyn Davis, enough to make me believe he can carry Star Wars Episode VII as a heroic role alongside Boyega and Ridley, as the Han Solo-esque rebel of the trio. As I’ve never watched Girls, the major impression I had with Driver was from his brief yet very impressionable appearance in Inside Llewyn Davis, singing alongside Isaac and Justin Timberlake on the film’s most catchiest song in the most unusual manner. I thought of his looks making him the poor man’s Lukas Haas, but honestly, with the hype Driver is getting within Girls and his much-rumored villain role in the film, he is probably going to turn my impression right around.

Domhnall Gleeson, son of Brendan Gleeson, struck me for a moment. I didn’t recognize the actor but had apparently seen him before in a Harry Potter film as Bill Weasley. Hopefully, this time around he’ll be a lot more memorable.

Max von Sydow and Andy Serkis need no huge introduction. They are well-established veterans to film acting with talents that probably come in handy within the realm of Star Wars, with von Sydow’s wizened reservation and subdued intensity making him easily either a formidable Empire official in the vein of Peter Cushing or a wisdom surrounded Jedi, even though by this point Luke should be the only Jedi left. Serkis is interesting in consideration of whether he will be utilized as a CGI character with his very impressive motion and voice  range being used to create a creature or if he will be playing a human character, which he is just as capable of. Who knows? Perhaps it will be both. Kill two birds with one stone.

Overall, this is a very promising cast – just as promising as The Phantom Menace if I want to frighten people. I’m just still not interested. If I was, I’d definitely be more existed by von Sydow, Isaac and Driver’s involvement as well as the return of two of my favorite character, C-3PO and R2-D2.

Perhaps it won’t be as bad… We still got a ways to go with this production, however…