Hit Me With Your Best Shot – A Room With a View

This week’s Hit Me With Your Best Shot is something that 100% slipped my mind and so I have not actually prepared anything for it. I made a refresher viewing of the selection James Ivory’s A Room with a View at the very last second once reminding myself that there is one and then I just picked a random shot based solely in aesthetic rather than thematics.

Should I be ashamed? I totally am, but in my defense, I have been extremely busy. A Room with a View is a fantastic film (having just earned itself a Criterion Collection entry – keep it in mind, Mike!) and deserves significantly better than just a haphazard attempt to keep up with one of my favorite film blogs to follow – Nathaniel R. and friends’ The Film Experience – and I do intend to one day rectify this with a video (same as I intend to do with ALL the HMWYBS entries on account of how fun they are to make when I have time to). I at least promise to have at the very least an explanation for my choice of shot from next week’s Repulsion.

In the meantime, here is my commentary-less shot.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 1.00.20 AM

Oh look! It’s totally the historic and romantic aspect of Italy sitting around watching everybody in their stuffy ol’ suits and Victorian restraint wondering what the hell happened. You couldn’t even pick out Helena Bonham Carter’s Lucy from this crowd if not for the fact that this shot started with her closer to us, everybody is so bland and conformed that their color scheme just as well part of the flat composition of the floor more than people.

OK, that was me trying desperately to commentate on it, but I really gotta get back to work. I will avenge you, Ivory!

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